Gwendolyn Price

Leader of


Nature (Human) ? Will 6 Health 4 Resources 10 Circles 6


Traits: Commanding (3), Aspiring (2), Concealing (2), Protecting (2)

Gear: Cane, Concealed Revolver, Holographic PDA


Gwendolyn is the leader that the PCs must answer to and she is also the subject of their secret investigation. She is somewhere around 50 years old, but still seems quite vital. She does walk with a pronounced limp in her left leg. She wears her gray hair in a bun. She uses reading glasses, but otherwise her clear, green eyes are quite capable. She dresses for function, usually wearing a tailored suit, and she carries a cane topped with a silver wolf’s head when she is planning to walk a moderate distance.

Gwendolyn Price

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